Living Life with Purpose

through meaningful work

Liza was strongly influenced by her immigrant mother who founded the Myriad Group, as well as a non-profit organization that provided school and medical supplies to the Philippines.

​While on a philanthropic mission in the Philippines, Liza experienced a series of life-changing events and discovered her life purpose leading her to start the Eight Billion Project. A podcast where she interviews and shares the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, with a focus on spiritual, personal, and professional development.

Empowered by her life experiences, Liza chooses to use her voice to teach, speak, and share the stories of those bold enough to follow their passions and purpose in life.

Guiding You Home

The Myriad Group is a boutique real estate firm established in 2003 and founded in Orange County, California that centers itself on exceptional customer service through relationship-driven business.

Specializing in residential, residential income and commercial real estate the firm’s core values of integrity, trustworthiness and meaningful relationships are what drive them to be of greater contribution to their clients and to their local communities.

Their mission is to build an organization focused on unparalleled service to their clients and to provide an educational platform for others to seek knowledge on their real estate investments.

Eight Billion People

Eight Billion Stories

There are eight billion people in this world by the year 2023, in essence, eight billion stories, each going through life attempting to define what’s most important and finding their purpose. 

Align your personal, spiritual and professional journey as we uncover the deeply intimate experiences of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Each with a unique story of struggle, pain, perseverance, and victory. The Eight Billion Podcast empowers you to connect with others on a deeper level you never thought possible.

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Win The Day with James Whittaker

(Author of Andrew Carnegie's Mental Dynamite)

James Whittaker is an international bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. His work has been translated into six languages and his 2018 book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is a modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time. Join me in this episode with James Whittaker as he shares insights and lessons from his recent Best-Selling book Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite.  Learn from an incredible leader what it takes to Win The Day!

Your Path To Freedom with Dave Seymour

( A&E Flipping Boston)

Dave Seymour is an outspoken real estate investor known for his hit show on A&E’s Flipping Boston. Dave is also a residential and commercial real estate investor and has become one of the most recognizable experts in his field. He is currently the CEO of Freedom Venture, a real estate private equity investment group.

Laura DiBenedetto TEDx Speaker

(Author of The Six Habits)

Laura DiBenedetto shares with us her heartwarming story of discovering The Six Habits in her life and how it has completely transformed her from being burned-out professional in corporate America to living a life filled with joy and purpose. Her fun-loving and humorous personality is displayed as she shares her experience of finding out how she became a TEDx speaker to recording the talk in the beautiful island of Maui, which she now calls home. Join us and learn how The Six Habits can be used to transform your life.

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